Beach House

This is a new project of mine which I’m mainly using to test out ArchViz methods.

Currently only the Entrance Hall and Hallway (Floor 1) are being created.  The project will eventually get expanded to cover the whole house, however as the scope of this project is quite large this will take time.

For this project I will be using 3D Studio Max, Quixel Suite 2.0 and Unreal Engine 4.

Here is the current progress of the project:

Updated 13/02/16: Been working on finishing off some of the other models as well as tweaking some settings.

Update 20/02/15: Gave the floor a new look as well as tweaking a few other settings here and there.


Update 22/03/16: So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated this, I now have a video flythrough of the scene as well as new renders. I’m currently working on polishing some of the models/textures and fixing/improving parts of the scene and working on the outside.

Link to video flythrough:


Outpost Theta

Outpost Theta is a research facility set in the Arctic. The environment is being rendered in the Unreal Engine 4.

Currently I’m working the buildings for the scene.

Below are the work in progress renders of the scene which is still very early in production.


Update 25/02/15: So this project has been re designed in terms of design and concept.

The setting is a Radio Tower high up in the mountines. Environment work is still quite early, the radio tower itself is almost finished at which point I’ll have some more renders of the project.

From this render you can more or less see how the project has changed:



This is a architectural visualization project of a modern apartment rendered using the Unreal engine 4. The project is currently on hold while I look into new ways of lighting the scene in order to get the photo realistic look I’m going for.

Below are the work in progress renders: